1. Thus capital accumulation must be viewed on the regional scale rather than within the box of each of its nation-states. The same applies to class formations. The capitalist class is regional because ownership of capital cuts across the borders of the individual states. The working class too is regional, as a very large number of workers — mainly from Egypt, but also from other MENA countries — migrate to work elsewhere in the region, especially in the Gulf.

    — Review of Hanieh by Machover.

    (Source: internationalviewpoint.org)

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  6. While admiring the pedantry of the authors of the Harvard Guide to Using Sources, and acknowledging their gallant defence of the private ownership of knowledge, I failed in those 60-odd years to spot the influence of the obedience to technical procedural rules of quotations on the quality (reliability, effectiveness and above all social importance) of scholarship: the two issues that Mr Walsh obviously confuses. As his co-worker in the service of knowledge, I can only pity him.

    — Zygmunt Bauman’s response to being accused of plagiarism

    (Source: timeshighereducation.co.uk)

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    "The left treats austerity either as a narrowly doctrinal programme, or as a sort of conspiracy of the rich to simply pilfer resources – or both. Granting that austerity has its dogmatists and mythologies, and allowing that it has intentional distributive consequences, it has to be said that the “traditional ruling class” is not stupid. Businessmen don’t cling to doctrines without their agendas being served in some way. On the other hand, they also intend to survive well into the future, and would be uninterested in a simple wealth grab that doesn’t promise to actually resume capitalist dynamism”

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